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Web Design Trends to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you want to reach out to a wider audience for your business, then you own a website.  If you own a website, you want it to look good and attract consumers.  To keep up with the web design trends of 2017, here are 5 helpful tips!

Web design trends have always grabbed the eyes of the companies in order to improve their visitors’ experience and thus, increase the brand credibility every year.

In the year 2016, we tried on various design trends for the Enterprises. And, looking into the web design trends to be expected in the year 2017, there are few that will remain in the top of the list for the whole year in order to increase website traffic and leads too. So, we should now focus on the “most important” ones rather looking at all those predictable ones.

Let’s find out the most important web design latest trends to increase your website traffic:

1. More Focus on Story-Based Web Design

Does your website still consist of beautiful web design?

Beautiful looking websites certainly have the great look and feel. But, this approach of having a good look and feel has changed a lot in 2016. The website’s design is considered to be the BEST when it has a story behind its design.

Old-school web design is now no more demanded by the Enterprises. We all now know that only marketing & sales activities are not going to get you business; it’s a chain of activities. And, to bring more online sales, one needs to make sure to retain their visitors through engaging with them.

Thus, get your focus more towards revamping your website design towards story-based web design in 2017.

2. Responsive Web Design – A Must Now

Why do we love our smartphones?

One of the top reasons is that we can access the web on our mobile phones. We have seen a remarkable increase in the use of mobile phones to access websites. Thus, it is now highly important to have a web design that is responsive.

In Sam Hurley’s breakdown of SEO trends in 2017,  a lot of importance is given to Google’s AMP pages. Thus, every website would need to have their website design and development as responsive as possible to help increase your brand visibility on Google as well as your mobile visitors.

Make your website responsive in 2018 to get a better place on search engines which eventually will help in increasing the number of visitors.

3. Decrease in Premium Paid Photos on Website

Have you come across websites featuring real-life photos?

If so, then that’s the major web design shift that we have noticed in the year 2016. And, that trend of using real-life photos on a website will continue into 2017 as a driving force in web design.

So, if you’ve been planning to purchase the premium photos online, then, I think you should now focus on hiring a professional photographer or utilizing a hidden talent in your organization who can help you by clicking the real-life photographs. This will help you achieve the best web design in 2017 and beyond.

4. Welcoming Videos, Animations & GIFs

Creativity has no limits, and when it is used correctly, you get fantastic results.

The trend of showing the creativity of your products/services on your website through videos has a long lasting effect on the visitors. In fact, it has been experienced by most Enterprises that after involving videos of their business with their office and their employees, video testimonials, etc. it has helped them to earn the trust of their customers.

Also, animations and GIFs are in great demand among the SMEs. They give a sense of humor and fun to the website’s visitors which can help in developing a strong bond among them.

5. Involving Lovely Microinteractions

All we are discussing here is about how to interact/engage more with our website’s visitors, right?

Web Design is one area where you can see a lot of creativity and the web designers are giving much more effort into experimenting with different elements in the website’s look and feel. And, they have invented something new: microinteractions.

Microinteractions are something that a user can see while performing an action like clicking, scrolling, mouse-hover, etc. This grabs the visitor’s attention for sure, and that will help them to interact more and more with your website.

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